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Nonchalant BombasiTEA



Nonchalant Bombasi-tea:  A dynamic one-woman show

Musician and Tea Raconteur, Anne Norman, and the enigmatic

Camellia Cha bring you Nonchalant Bombasi-tea, an intimate narrative filled with hilari-tea, musicali-tea and reflectivi-tea.

Shakuhachi  performer, itinerant musician and comedic entertainer, Anne Norman, took to researching and writing a book as a portable project to do on the road between shows. She chose the unlikely topic of tea, and the result was a humorous and informative book entitled Curiosi-tea. This lead to her one-woman soirée, showcasing her skills as a highly engaging raconteur.  

Nonchalant Bombasi-tea, goes well beyond the scope of the book, blending personal anecdotes of Anne’s travels in China, Japan and India, sprinkled with surprising historical narrative, haunting music, tea poetry and humorous absurdiTEAs. Tea will never be the same again!

For upcoming performances of Nonchalant Bombasi-tea see the events page.

"Teetering on the edge of a wonderful insanity!" Amy M Drake, Denmark, Aug 2011

"Such nimbleness of mind, and the length, breadth and scope of it all was breathtaking. A truly remarkable performance." Margaret Fallaw, Mornington, May 2011

"Nonchalant Bombasi-TEA is like a burst of anti-oxidants. The audience is at once energised, mesmerized, amused, entertained, and educated..." Melissa Luyke, Deputy Director, Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre, Perth, Aug 2011

 "My jaw was aching from laughing so much. Great fun and very informative." Cecilie Hall, Tea&Sympathy, Melbourne, May 2012

"The most inspirational presentation I have seen in many years. Anne held our attention the whole afternoon. Absolutely wonderful. We'll book our tickets now for her next show!" Edna Kilgour, Mornington, May 2011

 "AMN’s ability to traverse the extremi-teas of Zen, moving narrative and mass-culture kitsch leaves you spellbound. This glorious productivi-tea of rhymes and theatrical debauchery, much like a sweet yet vegetal sencha, is deliciously contagious." Tanya Rao at Tea&Sympathy, Melbourne, May 2012

"At-tea-tude plus!" Natalie and Sandy, Perth Aug 2011

"...serious, satirical, comical and emotive moments... a highly entertaining, informative and satisfying show. Your music playing and singing is mesmerizing, and your poems are witty... the more you told, the more we wanted to know about tea." Mayu Kanamori, freelance photo journalist, writer, radio broadcaster and photo media artist at Tea&Sympathy, Melbourne, May 2012

"I will always remember bits and pieces of the show every time I have a cup of tea." Karin, Hopetoun WA, 2011

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youslurped by the Avatar of Tea

Anne Norman explains...

Since publishing my book Curiosi-tea under the nom-de-plume Camellia Cha in late 2009 I have increasingly been getting phone calls requesting an appearance by Camellia Cha. She has grabbed centre stage in my life! Now that's just not right. Anne Norman is the performer, Camellia Cha is simply the Avatar of Tea! You can't invite the Dei-tea to turn up and do a gig for you, surely!

One request for Ms Cha was from the OzAsia Festival, for whom I put on a ten person show in the Adelaide Festival Centre in 2010. I had nine backing musos, including the fabulous singer/song writer Tenzin Choegyal, the incredible duo of Josh Bennett and Jay Dabgar, the Australian Chinese Ensemble lead by Wang Zheng-Ting and two Tibetan monks... and me (that's ANNE!). Camellia, as usual, didn't show up. And a few days after putting a 5 minute TEAser of the show on Youtube, I was approached by a producer who proposed to manage and tour that 10-person show globally. At our first meeting she said "Now let me make this clear. I will not be representing Anne Norman, nor will I manage or promote Camellia Cha's solo or smaller shows. I am interested in the large scale Afternoon AbsurdiTEA show. That's what I am taking on."

Well, there you have it! Camellia Cha now has her own producer / manager, but little old Anne, who is the one who bothers to turn up to the gigs and the meetings, is NOT represented! The world is insane.

So, here I am, all by my little lonesome, seeing if anyone wants a one-woman show which I have decided to call Nonchalant Bombasi-tea. One friend suggested that I could call it: "A hard earned thirst needs a big, hot tea" ... but that's just too long! So he kindly obliged with a shorter one: Read My Tealeaves. Well, I don't want just anyone reading my tealeaves thanks very much, so I will stick with my Nonchalant Bombasi-tea...

Contact Anne HERE and invite her to perform in your loungeroom, cafe, tea-room, concert hall, cave... For the right amount of incentive, she'll perform anywhere, with guaranteed Nonchalant BombasiTEA!

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